Runtime Engine not working anymore

ik had a couple working projects but since last week these projects wil not run animore under a scheduled task. when i run the .bat file manualy under the same account as the scheduled task is works.
(as wel normal as headless)

the difference i see is that last week the Chromedriver is updatet to version 93.

The test downloads a file from a website and uploads it to an other website. This works for a view years now perfectly.

Does someone know how to fix this?


We are having the same issue - ever since upgrading the chromedriver to version 93. When we run from the command line (using katalonc.exe) work fine, manually. But when our Build server tries to to run any of our tests, it doesn’t work. I can see the chromedriver.exe and several instances of chrome.exe start, but in the build log, the builds never progresses. It just repeated spits out this line over and over:

Test Suites/TestCaseName/TestName - Chrome - 20210908_144058…0/1(0%)

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For anyone interested, I recently updated to Chrome (and chromedriver) 95 and this issue appears to be resolved.

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