Problem running tests during build

During build, tests are run from a .bat file. For several days I have a problem when they are run during the build, they start chrome and close after a while, and the tests end with the status passed despite no tests being carried out. After running the same .bat file manually, the tests run correctly. In the attachment I am sending the error code, which is contained in the logs after running tests during build. It suggests the chrome driver version does not match, but the versions match the latest chrome and driver. I also went back to the previous version of chrome and chrome driver and the problem is identical (and before there was no such problem). Please help!<a stdout (1).log (5.2 KB)

Hi @karol.ciez

What server you running your build on ? Jenkins. What OS and Katalon Studio (or RE) are you using ?

I run tests on a server running Windows Server R2, I don’t use Jenkins. I’m using RE described as version 7.0.2 and Katalon Studio has been updated to version 7.1. Can RE somehow be updated?

See if this helps:

Thanks for the answer, I have the latest chromedriver to version 79.0.3945, I am constantly trying to update it. So that’s not it.

Hi @karol.ciez

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, you can always download the latest RE version from our website the same way you download Katalon Studio. RE has its own Web Drivers, so try to include this parameter to command line:

Ok, thanks for the info I will do that