Problem in Reports module with .crdownload

Hello Friends,

I have Reports module in my project PDF & Excel. I am verifying the heading of that report after the report is downloaded in my local. In regards to that I have written a global function and calling that function using Custom Keyword. It is working fine so far but today when I execute them all test cases are getting failed and below is my analysis.

Currently the new chrome browser has more security and the file downloading in insecure mode and prompting the User to keep it or not. Until then the file is downlading with .crdownload (test.pdf.crdownload) once the User hits the Keep button then it turned to secured file shoaing as test.pdf. so my scripts are failing as the file is appending with .crdownload.

I tried to change the setting in Privacy and security section in the browser with Enhancement and No security modes but still facing the same issue.

Can some one please help me to fix this issue?

Thanks in Advance!!!

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try emulating manual key Press actions

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if you are downloading particular domain then you can change below setting in chrome browser

  1. Go to > Settings > Privacy and security (on left) > Site settings
  2. Scroll all the way down & click Additional content settings
  3. Select “Insecure content”
  4. Under “Allowed to show insecure content” click “Add”
  5. Type in “http://” (ex: and click “Add”

Thanks Atul for the response.

It worked in the Physical browser but please provide the suggestions how to apply the same settings in runtime browser if any.

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Hi there,

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thanks Dinesh.

please gimme some example to hit keep button on the below screen shot.


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Okay sure, Please wait for some time…

please refer these articles automated testing - Selenium Download Keep and Discard Problem (.cer or xml extensions) - Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange and How to download file using Selenium & Python | BrowserStack and let know if helps

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Robot robot2 = new Robot();
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not worked.

Also tried by adding desired capabilities still no luck