PDF report crashing when execution fails

Hi all,

I would like to report an issue relating to the PDF reports.

Everything appears to be working when executions are successful; however when an execution fails the PDF reports are either failing to generate (and blocking the execution from finishing) or when I try and export to PDF from the report then it will be stuck endlessly on the loading bar. I believe this used to work in older versions.

I am using Katalon 6.1.5 and the new basic report plugin

With PDF turned ON as an option in the plugin settings the executions won’t finish because it won’t generate. With the PDF turned OFF in the plugin settings then export will fail to load.


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@Russ_Thomas I have raised this one, feel free to add another specific with your details/findings

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Hi adam.cane,
I try it in my side but no happen occurs. Please send detail information(.log file, screenshot, step to reproduce, location of Katalon Studio (Disk C,D, Download,…)) for us to investigate.
Thanks for your report,

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Will do, where is the log file located? thanks


This is with automatic PDF reports option turned OFF in the plugin settings, however when attempting to EXPORT to PDF from the report file in Katalon it will forever loop on this bar even after pressing cancel, I have to restart the program


This is what is returned when the PDF option is turned ON in the plugin settings, at the end of the execution is will get stuck on this step until execution is manually paused.

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With exactly the same test - if it passes it will generate and export PDF no problem at all, any idea on reason behind this? Thanks

Thank you for the report. Please click on the tab Console Log (the bottom panel) and send us the content.

Hi @adam.cane,

Please answer these questions to help us investigate better:

  • How long does the test execution take?
  • Does the report folder contain screenshot?
  • Can you share us the Report folder?


Hi both, thanks for your reply. PDF report issue - log.txt (36.5 KB)

Please find attached a copy of the report. The folder does contain a screenshot.



And here is a screenshot of the report folder, the actual execution only takes a matter of seconds as I’m using a very simple test to try and get this to work. (load a webpage, enter input, test validation)

Hi @adam.cane,

Can you share us the report folder as zip file to help investigate better?


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Ofcourse @duyluong. 20190521_092612 - PDF report error.zip (230.6 KB)

Please find it attached, I have uploaded it. Thanks!

IS this the correct report folder that you guys requested? Just the one which has the data output POST execution? Cheers

Hi @adam.cane,

The report zip file you provided is correct, we are working on this issue. Hope it will be resolved in next Basic Report Plugin release.

Thanks for your report.

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No problem, thank you. Is there any information in there or log files that I’ve missed which indicate a reason why this is happening?

@adam.cane Please reload plugin and double check again, the issue had been fixed in new version 1.0.3.

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works perfectly again now, thank you very much for helping so quickly.

Do we know what caused the problem?


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