Unable to Export PDF


Expected Behavior: When exporting a test case/suite report, there is the ability to export to a PDF.

Observed Behavior:
When attempting to export a PDF using this method:

Then the following error message is occurring:

No PDF file is exported.

Katalon Version: 5.8.5
O/S: Windows 10 64 Bit

Please assist with this issue. The generation of these PDF reports is essential to linking the test case properties to the test results.





Update: New test cases/suites that were run in 5.8.5 are now able to export the PDFs without the error message.



I also encountered same issue on latest version 5.10. For my case, I can’t generate a pdf report on specific Test Suite. But on other TS I can generate PDF report.

Same TS is also not sending email of report summary.

Would you know the reason for this?




Hi @vic.mark.c.petilla

Can you reproduce this and provide us with your log file ? It’s available in \config\metadata.log.



I am still receiving this error with Katalon Studio version 6.1.4. No log files are generated in that directory. Please assist as we cannot use Katalon until this feature is fixed. This is required to deliver a report of the test run.


Take a look at this plug-in. From v6.1.5 the report export functionality is migrated into a plug-in.


Cheers !


I am still facing a similar issue. Attached is a screenshot of the error message:

No log file present in \config\metadata.log location.


Still occurring in version 6.1.5 using the new Report plugin. Error occurred after running test suite in the new Katalon Studio 6.1.5 version with plugin installed. Attached is a log file output with the error message:

ExportPDFError.txt (4.4 KB)

Please assist.


Hey Charles, I saw the same issue during my own testing.

The Katalon log file showed a ‘Byte data not found’ error for each of each of the screenshots that had been taken during the test. I had cut and paste the screenshots into a separate test records folder, and Katalon was unable to find them to generate the report.

I resolved the issue by copying and pasting the screenshots folder back to where Katalon expected to find them. Hope this helps!