[Practitioner Level] TestOps data not updated on dashboard

I am working towards attaining the Practitioner level certificate - where I am only left to execute Execute tests on TestCloud through TestOps. I have given it a go, however, I am not sure if I have done things right.

I have connected GitHub to my Katalon project, created a Test Suite, committed and pushed my changes, and verified the changes in GitHub.
Then, I ran a Test on TestOps by connecting the Git Repository and filling out the Test environment details.

I went to the Test Run List under Execution in TestOps to verify the test was run successfully - and it did.

I know the data is updated daily at 00:00 UTC, however, it doesn’t seem to have been updated for me yet.

So, I was wondering if I was missing something - or maybe is it worth a wait for another day?

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Hi @bibidhsubedi,

Welcome to Katalon Community! :wave: And thank you for letting us know about your situation.

I’ll be moving your reply into a new topic so that our team can help you better. :+1:

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Hi Viet, can you take a look at this?

Hi @bibidhsubedi. Welcome to our Community and thank you for your interest in our Certification Program.

I had a check on your dashboard and saw it had updated all the data. Can you please check and confirm?

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Yes, thank you! The data seems to have been uodated today. Thank you for the response!


You’re welcome and congratulations on your hard-earned certificate! Don’t forget you can always share it on LinkedIn. :sunglasses: