Test Ops cloud and cloud tunnel execution Data not updated in cirtification progress

I am working towards attaining the Practitioner level, professional and expert level - where I am only left to do the following

  1. Execute tests on TestCloud through TestOps,
  2. Test tunnel configuration to execute in the private domain
  3. Types of automation(web,mobile,API,Desktop). (created an API project and executed it in the test cloud)
    I have given it a go.

I have connected GitHub to my Katalon project.
Then, I ran API and web test cases by scheduling on TestOps by connecting the Git Repository and filling out the Test environment details.

I went to the Test Run List under Execution in TestOps to verify the test was run successfully - and it did.

I know the data is updated daily at 00:00 UTC, however, it doesn’t seem to have been updated for me yet.

So, I was wondering if I was missing something - or if I need to wait for another day.?

PFA> Exert Level API and cloud tunnel


Hi @bharathi.a. We had a check and there seems to be an update delay between your actions and data on the dashboard. Let’s wait for one or two days.

Thank you for letting us know about this as it helps us to improve in the future.

@viet.nguyen sure, I will wait for a couple of days for the same. in the meantime, I have created more than 1K plus mobile test cases from 2019 to till date. the same is also not updated in the certification progress.


why the mobile test cases are not updated in the certification progress?
Any criteria is there to take mobile test cases into consideration?
since our mobile APK depends on VPN and local network I never executed mobile test cases on TestOps before.

Hi @bharathi.a. We checked again and your dashboard updated the requirements for TestCloud and TestCloud Tunnel. Can you check and confirm? You are just 2 criteria away from getting the Professional and Expert level certificates.

Please note that the dashboard only updates the maximum number that is equal to the number you need to meet a requirement.

I got the update for test cloud execution only but cloud tunnel configuration and executions are not updated as well as types of automation

Can you please provide me with the screenshots of your updated dashboard for all certifications?

Still types of automation is not updated. since I executed the API project in test cloud

Hi, to meet the “types of automation” requirement, try to use differnet built-in keywords in the Keyword Browser in Katalon Studio to create test cases in Katalon Studio.

@viet.nguyen can u refer the screenshot i shared i created using built in keywords only. like

  1. Start application
  2. tap
  3. get text
  4. verify match

Hi @bharathi.a, this requirement is aimed to guide users to use different keyword types for different testing types. My guess is you’re using only keywords for Mobile testing. You should use other keyword types to test other applications. Turn to Script Mode and see what types of keywords you’re using:

:rofl: :joy:
i’m using katalon more than 4 years in a row

i know the same. but i used them all

  1. Mobile.startApplication(GlobalVariable.APK_Path, false)/Mobile.startApplication(GlobalVariable.APK_Path, true) Mobile.tap() all methods under mobile keywords

Don’t believe me pls check the screenshots below.


there is something else I’m missing

  1. I tried creating a new mobile project.
  2. tried creating new mobile test cases.
  3. Executed the mobile test cases in my physical device
    nothing seems to be satisfying the criteria in katalon academy.

hence I’m doing the below to check

  1. creating a new project in katalon testops by providing a new repository link to git.
  2. created new mobile test cases
  3. scheduled mobile test execution in the katalon test cloud
  4. executed mobile test cases in multiple android versions and different types of devices in parallel using the katalon test cloud.

waiting to check doing this will fulfill the types of automation criteria for professional cirtification

You are using all but mobile :smiley:
Try also some for WebUI, webservice etc


Hello, I don’t know why you’re laughing :thinking:. I’m aware that you have created tons of mobile test cases (so I expected you have used a lot of Mobile keywords). Like @bionel said, please try other types of keywords like WebUI and WS to meet the criteria.

for webUi it got updated in my katalon academy types of automation.
I’m facing this only for mobile and web services keywords


i Don’t know how to satisfy the criteria of katalon academy :rofl: :joy:

I suppose if you create some simple testcases for WS, e.g make some API calls to https://reqres.in/ and do some verification (status code whatever) you will fulfill that part.

For WebUI … up to u, write some simple testcases, e.g to search something on google.

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@viet.nguyen @bionel i created api cases and executed the same in testops and check the execution result above it is on WebService that is an API

PFA, WebUi

Please create 3 simple test cases for WS, Web, and Mobile (using the respective keywords in the Keywords Browser) in Katalon Studio and run them via Katalon Studio (please don’t use sample projects or tests since they don’t count).

will wait for a day and check my progress else will report by creating a support ticket.

Hi @bharathi.a, please check your dashboard again, we see you have completed all the criteria, including “Types of automation”.

@viet.nguyen @bionel Thank you so much for your support. I got all criteria cleared and earned all the certifications.

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