Please share your effective Testing learning roadmap

Lots of juniors reach out to me and ask for support to construct their Testing learning roadmap after finding the previous posts about Testing skills really useful. In my opinion, more people can contribute more ideas. Therefore, how can you answer the question:

"What is an effective learning roadmap for a junior who wants to learn Testing?"

I think understanding the hierarchy of testing process, can be learnt by way of organising the test artifacts like Test folder → Test cases → Test Suite->Test Run → Test Report
How new cases are created
test case dependency management
object repository created and their scope
This can be repeated in loop to gain insights in testing as a process and concept in real time case

This is just an example to look out for the way in right direction.


I totally agree with you about the organization you share. I wonder whether it is also workable for other testing tools or that is the term in Katalon only?

This is more or less same hierarchy followed in testing process,
But within tool, i see this clearly visible in Katalon

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Following up, is that necessary for learners to identify which field of testing (automation or manual) they will pursue at the beginning of the learning? Do you have any specific suggestion for tools or technology students can start learning?