Directly run test on Eclipse

since Katalon Studio is built on Eclipse, can I directly run the Katalon testcases on Eclipse or any java/groovy compiler?

I ask this question because we are not allowed to install Katalon Studio on some of the test machines due to some security policy.

Have a look at the following issue. It may give you some idea.

but, in the end, you would find you can not run Katalon’s test cases in Eclipse. You need katalon.exe anyway.

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Hi kazurayam, thank you so much for the tips. There is a Eclipse folder in the Katalon Studio folder. Do you know if I can directly launch the project from Eclipse instead of from Katalon Studio?

I’ve tried to rename katalon.exe to another name or link to an alias, it will not launch. do you know how to make it work?


No hope, I think.

Of couse you can open the katalon project directory with Eclipse. But you will find no way to run a Katalon’s Test Case in Eclipse. To run a Katalon’s Test Case, you need Katalon Studio’s GUI or command line mode.

I wonder why you want to do it.

Once I made a post :

I do not think Katalon Team would take it seriously.

any comment?

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Another post of mine below might be interesting for you:

I believe this idea is feasible enough and will benefit us a lot.

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@JOE_F If Katalon Studio is downloaded and decompressed automatically, would it be interpreted as “install”? If possible please clarify with the IT department.

yeah, that’s another approach. I can just download the package and run the tests in CMD mode without launching the Katalon Studio UI. Is there a way to launch the embedded eclipse directly from the Katalon Studio folder?

I do not think it would work.

All of the groovy scripts as Test Cases/Test Suites/Test Listeners/Keywords must be compiled into *.classes by the groovy compiler bundled in Katalon Studio, and the compilation is done when you open the GUI and give triggers to KS by opening the source codes with editor or by clicking “Project > Reflesh” button. Without compiling *.groovy files to *.class, nothing works.