Performance issue for "Show Unused Test Objects"

KSE 7.7.2
Windows 7 Professional

Hi Katalon folks,
‘Finding Unused Test Objects’ is taking a very long time (30+ minutes).
Is there any way to speed up the process?

(I think you know what I’m going to say, Dave…)

Stop using them? :upside_down_face:


LOL, thanks Russ!

I’m hoping Thanh has an idea/solution.


But seriously, I thought “we” had you writing your TOs inline in your tests? That way, you don’t even need to open the OR…

The new team members are using Katalon recording so we are ending up with a lot of unused objects after editing test cases… ;-(

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@duyluong @ThanhTo Comments?


Can you give me some numbers, what’s the number of test cases, test objects, keywords you have ? If it’s a performance issue I think we need to reproduce the problem first.

@ThanhTo here are the results from yesterday.
Also note that the Cancel button is read-only while the search is working so users
cannot break out of the search if needed.
Thanks Dave

Project #1:
33 Keywords
3066 Objects
353 test cases
“Finding Unused Test Objects” took 2 hours to find 2125 unused objects

Project #2:
23 Keywords
1053 Objects
85 test cases
“Finding Unused Test Objects” took 30 mins to find 7 unused objects

Hi @ThanhTo, Any update on this issue?