Perform Load Testing

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Is there any option / API to perform load testing by using Katalon?

Kashif Javed


According to the FAQ, it’s not recommended. I’ve had success by using Apache JMeter’s recording feature to record load tests based on Katalon test runs.


I would agree that JMeter is the correct tool for the job, but if you need something quick, it is possible to launch multiple instances of Katalon from the command line. You can use the Build CMD button to get the command for your test suite, then open multiple Terminal tabs, or Command line instances.

It’s not really recommended so to speak, but it can be done, and it will run the test suite multiple times in multiple browsers.

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Hi Peter,
How did you load test katalon test cases using Apache JMeter’s recording feature to record load tests? I’d really appreciate it if you could provide some instructions.
Thank you!


load test katalon test cases using Apache JMeter’s recording feature to record load tests?

I think nobody has mentioned it.

guys, to performance test API use SoapUI - it was designed to perform such type of tests.

Trong Bui mentioned in this thread at the end of last year that features for real load testing were in the roadmap for Katalon Studio in 2018.

use a dedicated tool, like jmeter (or SoapUi … i haven’t tried it, because the UI in the name) for load testing.
there may be a learning curve … but jmeter has already tones of features designed with the load testing in mind (e.g distributed load testing, graph generators, threads controllers just to mention a few)
why would somebody wait until katalon reaches at least 5% of the features already provided by another tool?
Not to mention that … it will be overkill for katalon overall design.
Simply, when a tool has more goals than can nicely develop (aka to be a All-In-One) … all features will start to lack here and there.
Bad all-in-one … very bad.
IMHO, I will just support the katalon team to improve the actual features and add more relevant for the actual scope (WEB and API functional testing)
But seems like it is just me …


+1 to Ibus


Ok, convinced :slight_smile: I haven’t done any load tests myself so far and can’t say much about JMeter yet. But if it is as powerful in this area as you say, you’re probably right.


Yeah, Jmeter is tool for that, you can call there custom .jar files as well using BeanShell sampler or other Jmeter samplers

You are absolutely right. I totally agree with you that, Katalon focusing on performance/load test features will definitely hamper on Web/API testing.

can you please share how did you do that in detail?

Hi! Could you please share more details on how you achieved this?

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Hi! Do you mind sharing more details of how exactly you achieved this please?