Export to JMeter?


I am using V5.8.6 of Katalon Studio.

I am just evaluating Katalon. Very impressed. However I do use JMeter for performance testing as well. It would be ideal to record in only one tool, and Katalon seems the ideal tool for this. However, it would be more ideal, to export these Katalon test cases to JMeter to run as a load test.

Any thoughts?





I’m interested by the issue of this request if someone can help.


Can someone help me, How to export Katalon script to JMeter for Performance testing?

JMeter is an API testing tool primarily, which means that your test works on an application by using its public webservices, and not by using the application’s GUI.

Katalon, on the other hand, uses selenium to test an application using its GUI in a browser, like a real person would.

These tools are completely different from each other, both in their purpose as well as their use. There’s no good way to translate a recording from one to the other.

What about API requests? Can we export API requests from Object Repository section? Will help instead of rewriting all calls again in Jmeter.

Check this out :

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nope. those tools are completely different in the aproach of how to build an request.
rather than spending time searching for various voodoo tehniques to reuse the code from one to another … simply build the jmeter template from scratch.
is not that hard if you know what to do. you can make one, then duplicate objects in jmeter and them edit, for a quick workflow.
with a bit of practice you can make a complete jmeter template with ~ 10 request in ten minutes

Thanks for this link. This may be useful for handling authentication steps before the API portion. Will have a try!

Hello everyone,

Currently, you can integrate Katalon Studio with JMeter via the JMeter Integration plugin which is free. Alternatively, you can manually integrate those two tools yourself by following this guide.



@Jass please provide us with a way to do performance test using Katalon studio