Load testing Using Katalon

Is there a way to Load test the API using KATALON?
My requirement is: Hit a POST call parallel 10-15 time per sec.
Is this achievable using KATALON?



Unfortunately, we haven’t got the feature implemented yet. It is in our roadmap for releases in 2018. Thank you so much for using the tool, we are empower the tool to make it better day by day.


@Trong Bui,

I’d like to ask if there’s any progress on this. We’re about to decide whether we will soon be able to use Katalon Studio across teams as the only tool for all testing purposes, web, mobile and web services, to take advantage of the synergies that would result (training, unified testing environments, collaboration etc.). Therefore, we would like to know until when we will still be dependent on JMeter to perform such load tests as described above?


I would really appreciate for any information on this.

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