Parrallel test run is not working

using version 6.1.4
created a test suite collection with one test suite that only had one test case in it.
ran the test suite collection with parallel chosen and max concurrent instances set to 6.

when I run the test suite collection it is only running the test case that is associated with it once. it pops up my websites login and then closes out.

there is not 6 parallel runs going on at the same time.

max concurrent instances does not mean ā€œnumber of suites to run in parallelā€.

The way to have two or more suites to run in parallel is to add two or more suites to your collection. IOW, one suite running in parallel is not possible any more than one parallel line is possible. See?

Letā€™s say you added fifty suites. Then, at any instant, fifty tests could be running at the same time. That would likely bring your test machine to its knees. And thatā€™s where max concurrent instances comes in: You can set it to the maximum number of suites (tests, in effect) that can be executed at the same time on your hardware/OS.

(This is not a bug - moved to Web Testing)

i am an idiot. LOL

thank you

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for ā€˜parallel/concurentā€™ run of same scene, use jmeter
the intended scenario looks more like a performance test, not functional testing