Test Suite Collection running not same with max concurrent

Hai Everyone,

I have case in my test suite colletion, when first case running in Android and second case in chrome browser. Execution Mode, Parallel with max concurrent instance 2. But, in the result android running 3 times. Everyone have same issues?
below the capture:

Thank you

where do i start?
max concurrent instances means how many tessuites Katalon is allowed to execute at the same time
regardless of what you put there, everything will still be executed, but it’ll take longer if katalon can only execute 1 testcase at a time
as for the 2/3 you see there, that is how many individual testcases in that testsuite failed, which has nothing to do with concurrent execution
in your specific case, your concurrent execution means that the test run with android and the test run with chrome will both happen at the same time