Our first-ever India Virtual Meetup!

Let’s go India! We are bringing Katalon to you with our first-ever India Virtual Meetup so you can join in from anywhere!

Expect informative sharing sessions about the new Katalon Platform, and how it has enabled teams of all sizes to achieve great successes, as well as meeting fellow Katalon users. And last but not least, we are planning to host an official in-real-life meetup, so stay tuned!

Event details:

  • Date: December 13th, 2022
  • Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM (IST)
  • Location: a meeting link will be sent to you via your email after registration

Registration Link

The meetup will be hosted in English. And as this is our first virtual meetup, we are expecting around 40 participants to ensure that we have a close discussion and sharing. Hence, registration will be based on a first-come, first-served basis and will close as soon as we have reached the specified number of participants above.

This virtual meetup is free of charge. If you cannot join us but would like to receive the video recap, please email us at community@katalon.com.


Katalon users in India.


  • Introduction
  • New Release of the Katalon Platform (Web Testing, Visual Testing, etc)
  • Users’ sharing
  • Games and gifts
  • Closing
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excitinggggg to see all India-based users!

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And that’s a wrap! :partying_face:

Thank you everyone for joining us from everywhere in India from New Delhi, Pune, to Bangalore. It’s a great conversational session where we not only learn about Katalon but also Indian tea culture with some snacks like chicken pakoda, kheer, misal paav, wada pav, masala puri and many more.

The non-stop Q&A session really highlighted the whole meetup, we love listening to our users’ feedback and best practices on how to use our products. And of course, some lucky attendants got their holiday gift cards with our “tricky” kahoot games :joy:.

We would love to dedicate our gratitude to Kalpana Kukreja for her sharings, we learn a lot from Kalpana’s testing journey and how Katalon becomes an integral part of her daily work now. Ultimately, Kalpana has just published her first educational training on our Katalon Academy A Path to Test Automation Success: Dos and Don'ts - Katalon Academy. This is just wholesome to learn if you consider yourself new to this testing path.

Last but not least, please join us on our Katalon Community’s Top Contributor Program and the Kudos Rewards Scheme. These are rewarded programs that enable you to contribute towards a bigger global community.

We’ll be updating this thread with all the answers to your questions during the meetup so stay tuned. And a recording of the meetup will be sent soon to all participants who attended the meetup.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes and provide us with your honest feedback by filling in this short survey, so that we could bring you even better events in the future! Until then, namaste! :sparkling_heart:

Q: How to handle Saleforce Lightning Web Element which has dynamic object?

A: Lightning uses dynamic objects which change automatically after page refresh. KS tool has four selection methods: XPath, Attributes, CSS, and Images. Suppose it is detected by the KS tool via Spy/Recorder feature with attributes whose value is dynamic. In that case, you can switch to other methods such as XPath or CSS and update the selected locator to be unique and identified.

There is also another Katalon way to handle parameterized objects with parameterizing test objects, you can update test objects’ locators dynamically by using either local or global variables.

Q: How to start a career at Katalon?

A: We are recruiting globally with many positions. Please check this career page for open vacancies Katalon, Inc. - Current Openings. Also, follow our LinkedIn to get the updated job postings. Thank you for your interests!

Q: How does Katalon support agile projects?

A: We provide integration capabilities with ALM tools like JIRA to populate releases into Katalon Platform, along with stories ticket, which you can link to test cases. Additionally, our analytics and report can show release readiness and testing progress overtime with the release filter, so you can continuously improve and develop your project.

Q: Katalon provides various solutions. In Katalon studio, how should one deal with dynamic web elements while automating a test case?

A: Katalon Studio web recorders support multiple locators and xpaths to support dynamic web element.

Q: Cloud test execution happens on simulators or real devices? specially about mobile devices?

A: TestCloud solutions currently provides test execution on real devices only.

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Q: Can you give some more details about visual AI testing being introduced by Katalon? Is it going to be a whole new set of solutions or will be combined with some existing katalon solution?

A: Katalon AI Visual Testing adds additional layers of automated, intelligent comparisons to highlight crucial changes to the application’s layout and/or content.

You can easily add AI Visual Testing to existing Studio tests with keywords to capture screenshots and automated baseline collection during test runs.

For more information, please visit our website, Katalon Documentation or AI Visual Testing with Katalon: Easy and Reliable - Katalon Academy.

Q: How do I choose which execution tool- runtime engine or testcloud is correct for my organization?

A: Katalon offers Katalon Runtime Engine, which is the test execution add-on of Katalon Studio. KRE allows you to execute automation tests in CLI mode. It can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as scheduling your tests, integrating with CI/CD systems, or bundling your tests to execute in virtual containers like Docker. Read more about its use case here.

On the other hand, TestCloud is a cloud-based runtime environment, ​​allowing you to test on any available browser, version, OS, or combination of the three. With TestCloud, QA engineers and testers are not limited to testing on available local environments or waiting for IT to deploy the ones they need. Read more on our website.

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