Weekly Katalon FAQs (10) - Product learning and onboarding

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37. Where can I find materials for Katalon products and domain learning?

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* Katalon Academy

Katalon Academy is an educational platform providing free onboarding courses about the Katalon platform and testing in general. Katalon courses are tailored for different testing levels, from entry-level to professionals.

Katalon learning topics cover a wide range of categories such as Application Under Test (AUT), Test strategies, and Test activities to fit for different types of professional roles.

* Katalon Forum

  • For Katalon product comprehension, one efficient way to learn is to search for relevant topics with problems and solutions provided by other users.
  • For entry-level testers, Weekly Katalon FAQs and Testing for newbies series may fulfill your desire to learn test automation from scratch with Katalon.
  • In-demand testing know-how and trends are kept current in the Industry trends category. You can come to this category to read, discuss and share the latest updates within the test automation industry.

For more understanding of what you can do at the Katalon Forum, please read this topic: Weekly Katalon FAQs (5) - Katalon Community Navigation.

* Katalon Docs

Katalon Documentation is a place where you can search for the specifications and detailed instructions of the Katalon platform. Also, comprehensive product and function releases will be kept current in this space.

Check out how to effectively look for your documentation at FAQ No.21 of Weekly Katalon FAQs (6) - Inclusive support when using Katalon.

* The Katalon Blog

If you want to conduct thorough and insightful learning over the Katalon products and testing industry, the Katalon Blog is a helpful assistant. This site provides an updated panoramic picture of testing trends. You can find headlines, articles, and current industry reports with the latest trends and insights that are selective and comprehensive for all niches.

* Katalon Webinars

Katalon will hold webinars with a diverse range of testing topics monthly. You can visit Automation Testing Webinars | Katalon to check, enroll, and join the upcoming webinars of your interest.

If you cannot arrange your time for a scheduled live webinar, you can still receive complete recordings of your registered ones.