Optimizing Window Switching in Katalon Recorder for Faster Recording of Windows Desktop Applications

When recording Windows applications with Katalon Recorder, we’re currently utilizing the Switch to Window Title action to switch between windows. However, we’ve noticed that this process is time-consuming, as it takes a significant amount of time to switch screens and load the elements.

Are there any alternative methods for window switching that could potentially reduce the time required?

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I will find more if any and back to you soon



May I kindly inquire about the status of our previous discussion? Thank you for your time.


Sorry for the late response. Have you tried other methods: Switch to window Index or Url? Is that faster? [WebUI] Switch To Window Index | Katalon Docs

I think this solution will work for Web based app, but @Divya_T wants to know about desktop/window based app switching

Please try [Windows] Switch to Window | Katalon Docs