Offline activation workaround




I have downloaded Katalon Studio and installed it on an air gapped network. I am now having a problem completing an offline activation, as this no longer possible through the Katalon website.

I am really interested in starting to introduce Katalon on our project but if offline activation is not possible then we may have to consider another tool.

Does anyone know if it is still possible to get an activation code? or is anyone aware of a workaround?



This is the official response about offline activation in katalon studio standard version.


This is a huge issue for current Katalon Studio users. If someone from Katalon is monitoring this thread, please take notice. This will be a show stopper from myself and many of my colleagues. If this there is no remedy to this, my guess is that we will be forced to drop Katalon Studio and move to other solutions.


What a bad decision. It should remain as it was at first moment


I second this. Offline activation is a hard requirement for my organization. Without it, we will not be using Katalon. We only have 2-3 users, and are still in the PoC phase to see if Katalon is something we want to use on a larger scale. If we cannot use the free versions offline, there is no chance we will upgrade to the Enterprise Edition.



Thank you for your valuable input. The team is aware of the needs and is currently in the process of implementing the mechanism to generate offline trial license for both Katalon Studio Enterprise and Runtime Engine.

We will keep you posted on the situation. Thanks again for choosing Katalon!



according to the latest announcement, kse will have the option of trial license with all features unlocked. so … imho, it can be evaluated decently


Any way to activate the katalon-studio without forcing to use the enterprise version?


@MaKatalon nope!


HI All - is there any update on how to activate katalon license on offline mode? It so frustrating upon upgrade to newer version and i cant use it just because i cant activated the license.