Do we need internet other than activating katalon studio for once?

Hi I’m thinking to suggest this tool for autating my desktop applications which sits inside a secured RDP so no internet but I can request a special permission for activation alone but after that ops team will not provide internet to that remote desktop so before I start using this tool will I need internet for any other purpose like creating scripts or installing any plugins or generating reports?

I ve internet in my vhe and I can copy files from vhe to secured RDP.

I’m confused to use this till for my project so folks pls suggest

Please somebody answer my question or point me to the correct forum if it is answered already.

Hi @mohantheprince

Offline activation is available, but only for KSE/KRE. For KSE, please refer to:

So does that mean every time I launch kathalan studio free version. It will ask for online activation. As i said if it just one time then i can take exception but if it is all the time then i have to find a different freeware solution. Pls give specific answer to my question


Yes, for KS free version, there is no offline activation available. It is only available for KSE/KRE license.

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Follow these steps to activate Katalon Studio:

Enter the email and password registered for your Katalon account then click Activate.
You are navigated to your own organization, or you can select one of the organizations you belong to in the drop-down list, click OK.
You’re recommended to install the plugins for a better experience with Katalon Studio.
Open an existing project or create a new one in Katalon Studio.
In Katalon TestOps Integration pop-up window:
Select a team in the configured organization that you have permission to access.
Select a project under that team you’d like to work on or create your own one if you have permission.

Ok thanks for the direct answer. I guess i need to find another free ware