Objects in Katalon cannot have object names like "galeão" ? ... ever

Dear Katalon creators,
in my country words like using letters ã, é, ê have frequent and normal use !

Is there any quick possible solution to this ?

I am using portuguese (brazilian) language.

Hi Damião Loureiro,

These kinds of characters: ‘ã’, ‘é’, ‘ê’ … are not allowed in Windows filename. Test Object in Katalon Studio is stored as a file in current OS machine, so therefore you can’t directly create a test object using these characters.

One possible solution unfortunately is you should not use these kinds of letter in your test object, e.g: galeao

(Too late to say this after 2 years) You are wrong, @Zarashima

File name in Windows NTFS File System is in UTF-16. If you appropriately install Portuguese language pack into your Windows OS, you should be able to name a file with letters ã, é, ê.

If you can not make a file named with portuguese letters, it is simply because you do not have required language pack installed.

Have a read of

I have Japanese launguage pack installed into my pc, so that I can create a file named “あ.txt”