Encoding issue in pipeline

Hello There,

I am trying to run my tests in a pipeline but my tests is failing with this error:

I think its because i have used é , è etc in my tests. Is there a way i can resolve it. I do not want to manually go and edit all the tests.


any follow up solution here. I got the same issue


You should change the file name to another name that contains English characters only

The file name is all with English characters. only inside the file, certain line has content which including German character. Such stuff is no problem when running locally using katalon studio from windows, but do has problem that all those character with umlaut become ??.


Saying just “the same issue” does not provide information about your issue.

Please provide information about your own issue.

  • error log
  • you test case script
  • screenshot or something that proves that your file name is all with English characters.