Object Spy dysfunctional in version 6.1.x (Win10 - Chrome 74)

Problems: Object Spy - Katalon 6.1.x - Chrome 74 - Windows 10

  1. Click “Verify and Highlight”: When the Selection Method of the object is ‘Attributes’, the object is not found if “tag” is selected property. Once “tag” is de-selected, the property is found. Yet, if “tag” is left selected, at playback, the object is in fact found. Thus, Spy is the problem. :slight_smile:

  2. Click “Verify and Highlight”: When the Selection Method of the object is ‘XPath’, the object is not found though it should. At playback, the object (still using ‘Xpath’ as the selection method) will in fact be found. Thus, Spy is the problem. If you use Spy to capture a new object and “Verify and Highlight” finds it via Xpath, it won’t find it anymore if you de-select all Attributes checkboxes and retry with XPath as the selection method. In such a case, the object should be found because Xpath is the declared Selection Method.

  3. Click “Verify and Highlight”: It no longer provides a verdict, i.e., an outcome in Red or Green text to the left of the button like it used to. It was better than the current method. The user knew immediately what the outcome was. We can’t tell now if an object not being found is due to the Spy not working or if indeed the object is improperly defined.

The takeaway of all this . . . We’ll continue using Katalon, but will need to use playback to determine if objects have been defined correctly. This is a much less efficient process, at least to us, than knowing beforehand if the object can be found via Spy.

The help says “If there is a web object with matched Selector Editor value, it will be highlighted red in opened browser and message “Found X element using XPath Selector” will be displayed.”. In reality, this is no longer the case. If an item was not found, it used to display red text at the bottom stating the result. At least the user had confidence Spy processed the action.


Machines Used: Machine 1 - Win10 Enterprise using Katalon 6.1.2; Machine 2 - Win10 Pro using Katalon 6.1.0. Both machines are 64-bit OS using Java 8, Update 211. Both are using the appropriate chromedriver.exe (8386 KB) for Chrome version 74. Both have Katalon Recorder extension installed in Chrome. Both have the ability to launch Object Spy using the Chrome active browser.

We use Chrome 74.0.3729.131 to develop and run Katalon automation for various HTML web apps.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

Our development team is looking into it and we will let you know.

Cheers !

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