Renaming items in the Object Repository issues an error (was Unable to rename object repository)

Since wednesday, I Have an error message when I try to modify an Object repository’s Name.
Unable to rename Test object.

But the name of the object is well change in repository. When I restart the application the change is present

Can you help me?

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Please add…

Which version of Katalon you are using.

Which operating system.


Sorry, I use katalon studio 6.1.5 under windows 10.

It happens in version 6.2.0



Can anyone helped me?

I’m alone with the problem?

Thanks for your message.

I still have the problem in V 6.2.0.

It’s resolved.

My solution :
I copied / pasted my objects into another project, and I removed them from my project. Then I put my objects back in my project, and I no longer have the error message.

I hope it help anyone.


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yes, this happens to me all the time. It looks like it renames the object after a restart. Really wish they’d fix this bug.

Hi. Whenever this error occurs, please help attach here the error logs.

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