Not sending Email for TestSuite Collection in single mail

Hi Team,
I am using katalon 7.6.6 licensed version.
I have testsuite collection having 2 testsuites.

My problems are
1.I get 2 mails for each testsuite
2.log viewer show the result for only first testsuite but second testsuite runs.
3.I can view the test results for both testsuites in reports section.
4. Mail follow the template of testsuite and not the template of testsuite collection (Project->Setting->Email->Template->testsuite collection)
My expectation:
I want single mail for testsuite collection with the template of testsuite collection (Project->Setting->Email->Template->testsuite collection)

I heard from version 7.6 ,we will be getting single mail for testsuite collection based on ticket ‘E-mail Test suite collection report

But I dint see the single mail feature for testsuite collection
Pls guide me if I am wrong

Hi @Nila,
Please configure to receive email for collection in Project Settings -> Email as following:

I’ve just had a quick check on this feature and still received the email for my collection.

Thank You for your quick reply.
I changed the settings as said in the above mail

Still I am not getting the mail as configured in testsuite collection template with’ testsuitename’

sample mail is as follows

My expectation is
I need to get the mail with ‘testsuite collection name’ and also with 'testsuitename ’ so that mail receiver will know which testsuite passed and which failed.
Katalon log viewer still shows the execution result of first testcase and not the other testcases

I cross checked mail sending option again.
Mail is not sent for below seen settings after executing the testsuite collection(Test mail is sent but mail is not sent after after executing the testsuite collection)
Individual mails are sent for each testsuite for the below seen settings.

Hi @Nila,
I can receive email for collection as below

Can you pls share the project settings so that I will also check that.

here is my project: (153.5 KB)

Can you share us your log file so that we can help you to investigate further?

Hi Loan,
Pls share the project settings as image.
Not possible to open the sample project.

@Nila, here is the email settings