Not sending an email when executing a test suite collection



I have a test suite collection that contains two test suites, when I execute the test suite collection and it completes the execution, I get the report via email for only the second test suite . Noting that this is on version 7.0.5.


Did you encounter this issue in older versions of Katalon Studio?


Hey @huynguyen thanks for your quick response. I am not sure though, I haven’t tried to run a test suite collection before.


Can you take a screenshot of your email settings in Projects > Settings ?




Does this issue occur all the time or occasionally? Can you help by sending the error log? You can find it under Help > Error Log.


its happening occasionally, I’ve just executed a test collection and got 2 separate emails as expected.

log.txt (760.7 KB)


I have taken a look into your log file and found no error related to your issue. Therefore, whenever you encounter the issue, please send us the error log again. At the present, we have no way to detect and fix the issue because it is not reproducible in our side and we do not have any error log for that issue.