Not able to upload test suite report to Katalon Ops

I have recently updated to version 7.0.4 and I’m unable to connect to Katalon Test Ops, it shows the below error. I am able to login to my Katalon profile using the same ID and password and have organizations mapped under it.

Please suggest an alternative

Hi @pratikshya1

This issue is fixed in 7.0.5 which is to be released soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a workaround, please de-activate and then re-activate again, the integration should work fine again.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Just wanted to know the suggested workaround is safe enough to retrieve the reports that are currently present. Is there a backup option to store the report. deactivate and re-activate the account again? i’m asking this because I have few reports that I cannot afford to miss.

Hi @pratikshya1

The current report should be fine since it’s at project-scope, the de/reactivation won’t affect your project.

That’s good. So how do I proceed with it?

@pratikshya1 You can find info on this link about how to fix this issue using workaround that @ThanhTo mentioned.

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Hi there I have 7.2.6 version of Katalon Studio, and I can’t able the connectionn with KatalonOps can anyone see why I can’t?

Seems like when I go on KatalonOps it doesn’t give me anything.

Any ideas?

Hello Elena

Please let me know if you still encounter this issue. If yes, could you send us the error log which can be found in Help > Error log. Thanks!


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