Not able to open any test case in my projects

Throwing an error dialog box as “Cannot open Test case”

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Hi there,

I see you open the same ticket on support. Please follow up on there and send us your project / test case which you are facing this error.


Hi ,

I am getting the same error -"Cannot open the test case. " when I open test case or a test suite. Did you get a solution?

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@madhvi.sharma i hope you do realize you posted on a topic ‘3 years later’ …
thank you!

Yes I do . I was just looking for a solution. I was able to resolve the issue after restarting Katalon Studio.

Im having the same problem

Has someone got a solution regards this?

@pgonzalez It’s not a definitive answer, unfortunately, but I had the same issue and I was able to resolve it by closing and reopening Katalon Studio

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Yes, Ive fixed it in the same way. :slight_smile: