Unable to open test suite

Hi! Why can’t I open the test suite in my project?
I use katalon version 8.6.8

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HI @rilij31898, Welcome to the Katalon forum.
Please see this posting so we can better understand the issue you are seeing:

More information is always better.


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can i share my error log to you?

Sure, Please help share the error log, any screenshot/video recording available, your OS for more information

Here my log
log.txt (186.8 KB)

Here the screenshot

I use windows 10, core i3, and Katalon Studio 8.6.8 pre release

I also faced same issue
my environment

  • MacBook Pro 16, M1
  • Katalon Studio 9.4.1

Suddenly I got that message, when I create Test Suite and close and open , it happens

org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed


To your error java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Could not find resource chrome_elf.dll (in subdirectory: chromium-3497 ), I found some references:

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To your error, can you please restart your Eclipse IDE? Hope it will work

I’ve ran into this as well. Once I updated the name of the test suite I could open it again.

same here !!!

I just run Katalon studio.
and I also restarted Katalon studio or PC
but it still happen

you are opening testsuite from local place or from Git?

To resolve the “unable to open the test suite” error:

Please try remove all the reports from the report folder and then close and open the project again?

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Navigate to the project directory, then access the “Lib” folder. Delete all files within this folder, and then try again.

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Hi @rilij31898, :wave:

Just checking in to see if either Bhavyanh’s or Mohit’s proposed solutions have solved your issue or not.