Katalon studio is not responding when try to open testcase

I have tried to kill the process and start katalon studio again but still facing the problem. This is only happening with test cases not with object repository or test data.

Katalon Studio version: 6.1.5
OS : Linux

Let me know if you need more information

Has this just started to occur in 6.1.5 or could you replicate in older versions ?

It has started to occur in 6.1.5. I have not used older version so I am not sure to replicate it in older version.
For solution of this issue, I have restarted my pc.

Ok glad its working now. If you replicate again, maybe do some investigating of your own to try and see if you identify what is causing it :slight_smile:

Again facing the same problem on the below steps:

  • I have open 2-3 test cases,
  • I have closed all the test cases by right click on the particular test case and select "close all "
  • And try to open any test case
  • Katalon studio will not respond :neutral_face:

Maybe its a linux issue, im not able to replicate on mac or windows :man_shrugging:

That’s why I have the specified the OS. :grinning:

Im sure one of the devs will be able to help you further @devalex88

Thank you Harry !!

While we wait for a dev to get back to you, maybe worth trying an older version to see if it works or not. This way if it is a bug, will make it easier for the devs to fix as they can identify which version it went wrong in. :slight_smile:

Yes, will do it.

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  1. Close Katalon

  2. Delete these highlighted files and folders from your project folder.

  1. Open Katalon.

  2. Menu: File > Clean up

  3. File Explorer: Right-click your Test Cases folder. Click Refresh
    5.1 Refresh all other folders you use (Object Repository, Test Suites, etc)

Then try to open your Tests.

For second step, I have deleted bin and Libs. .classpath and .project file is not available.
Executed all the steps given by you but still facing same problem.

Marking this critical so @devalex88/@duyluong/@ThanhTo will see it.

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