Not able to import api from swagger json

I am unable to import API definitions from swagger json file(or url), whenever I try to import it shows that it is not a valid json or valid swagger definition file. However the same json work perfectly with ReadyAPI.
Can someone please help on priority, because I need to decide between ReadyAPI and Katalon studio as soon as possible.


Even I had the same problem so based on my experience I will explain you the situation. The swagger which you are using might be version 3 and in Katalon Studio if you want to import from Swagger it only supports up to Swagger version 2 and for 3 you need to pay for it. So, I kind of changed my way to do it. You should import Swagger API to postman first and then try to Export from Postman and then try to import from Katalon Studio using Postman.

Explaining Steps again:

  1. Use Postman to import from Swagger.
  2. Use Postman to Export the imported Swagger.
  3. Use Katalon Studio to import from Postman.
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