Swagger Import seems broken

I am comparing ReadyAPI with Katalon for REST API testing.
While importing swagger definition, https://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger.json, I noticed that Katalon only creates the REST operations without any query parameters or POST body. ReadyAPI creates the stubs along with complete payload.

Is this a bug or by design?


I too would like to understand this. We’re looking at switching form ReadyAPI and Katalon could be an option. Not auto-filling the query params (and anything else too) is a bit of a show stopper; we have a lot of calls and having to update each one wouldn’t work for the team.

Is there anyone from Katalon able to answer the above query? I am facing the same issue

Hi @shampa.kumar,
At the present, Katalon supports creating query parameters and haven’t supported creating POST body when importing swagger definition.

Come on guys, let’s implement this feature! :slight_smile: Should not be difficult considering you have all information needed in the swagger definition…

Hi @0BuRner,
We will definitely consider about this.

Hi, this problem already solved in katalon? i just tried use 7.5.5 version but seems still same. Thanks

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