No change of name


Record a script with few lines.
Go to the first line and change the name of the captured objects.
Name is not changed in the script.

Could you solve this problem?

Thanks by advance,

are you trying to prove something?
noticed plenty issues opened by you in very short time.
what is the point?
ping to
@Russ_Thomas @vu.tran @kazurayam

Don’t change the name of an element in the script. If you change the name in the Object Repository (right click and select, Rename), then all references of that element will have its name change (in all your scripts).

@bionel I think he/she is using the recorder (based on old messages). If anyone uses it, we know there are going to be issues.

And by the way, my powers aren’t what they used to be. If it’s a spammer or similar, I might choose to jump through hoops to get someone else to do what’s required, but otherwise, too much work.

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my powers are even less limited… and i don’t care about.
but i saw a certain pattern…
in the end, i can simply step out from this forum and i strongly consider it.
too much headache…

Hi everyone,
I use this tool for professional projects.
I note all the bugs when I work.
And when I have time, I posted them ; cause takes time to write and follow issues (this is also a part of my real job).
It is important to me to participe to improve this tool, cause it is the best I find.
Nevertheless bugs slow me in my job and some featues I suggest can make it faster.
And yes, I use the recorder of katalon studio all the time.
Don’t hesitate if you need more information.
Best regards.

@vu.tran I created the support ticket ; you could close this post.

@chivet fair enough.
few things to notice:

  • submitting requets in bulk may be confusing
  • usually, your bugs tickets lacks of relevant data (environment used, steps to reproduce etc)
    since you submitt such as separate issue, any of it should have relevant info. we are not here to track by person.

… just saying…

Don’t bother. I talk with Katalon team, and now I use the new support portal. So I don’t use this forum anymore for this. Sorry for disturbing you.