[New Releases] Katalon Platform Updates - January 5, 2023

Hi Community members! :wave:

We’d like to announce some new features and changes coming to the Katalon Platform in Q1 2023 as below…


We’ve added several enhancements within the release of Katalon Studio version 8.5.5 last December, and below is some new improvement coming to the 8.5.5 alpha version:

  • Enhanced the support for multi-level Shadow DOM in Web Recorder and Spy.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Changed the activation flow of Katalon Runtime Engine: The activation flow for Platform Edition is now the same as Standalone Edition.


As your count of test cases, test suites, executions, and results grow in TestOps’ projects, keeping track of those items can be quite a hassle. With our new Labeling System, you can organize and tag your test data on TestOps, and track the work items that you’re interested in. Within this release, we’re delivering several enhancements as below…

  • You can now assign Custom fields and tags to Test Results on TestOps and Katalon command,
  • You can filter Test Results by custom fields & tags on TestOps, and
  • You can automatically assign custom fields & tags from the test schedule to test results.

:point_down: See the demo clip below to see these new enhancements in action. :point_down:

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