[New Release] Katalon Platform Updates - November 29, 2022

Hi Community members :wave:,

As you may aware, we launched the new modern and comprehensive Katalon Platform on September [Breaking News] The new Katalon Platform :tada: . Going forward, we would like to announce all releases with Module format (Plan, Author, Organize, Execute, Analyze and optional Administer). In this release note, we would like to share:


  • Facilitate user experience and increase efficiency: user can add more new sample Git repositories


  • Our goal is to improve users’ experience on TestCloud with expanded TestCloud utilization on different browsers:
    • Users can run test scripts on Edge in IE mode
    • Users can run tests on Safari browsers with TestCloud
  • Please view the demo gifs below.

Testcloud Run TS on Edge in IE mode
Run Test Scripts on Edge in IE Mode

Testcloud Run TSC on Edge in IE mode
Run TSC on Edge in IE mode

Visual Testing

  • We have listened to users feedbacks and deployed those features to increase your efficiency:

AI choose default collection

  • Use layout-based comparison as the default method

AI Pixel Density

  • Adjust the pixel sensitivity level

AI upload image & create collection

  • Upload baseline images / baseline collection