New Header Dropdown menu

Hi Community members, :wave:

Just a minor announcement that we have grouped the previous three links on the forum’s header i.e. Docs, Academy, etc. and put them into a dropdown menu “Resources” to reduce clutter, along with other new links such as the recently announced Community Hub. → Speaking of which, we are also running a Giveaway to celebrate the launch of the Hub so don’t miss out! :wink:

And below is how it looks on mobile. You can bring it up by tapping the big button on the header (due to limited space, the links’ description is not shown)…

The links to the Kudos Board has also been moved to the Hamburger menu…

:pushpin: Going forward, the Resources dropdown menu will house external links that are not within the Discourse platform.

Do let us know if you spot any weird glitch with the new dropdown. :+1:

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Not a glitch or weird but certainly a design error…

There is no other menu that appears as a mouseover popup (all the others need to be clicked). That’s inconsistent UX.

If you do keep it as a popup, it should appear above everything. At the moment, all the other menus appear above it.

You can fix that with

.custom-header-dropdown {

Although, the stacking context might (should) offer a better means of fixing that problem.

And, if it is kept as a popup, it’s not really a dropdown which is how it is named in the CSS class, custom-header-dropdown. Semantics are important.

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at least on my device, looks awful

if i was not clear, kindly undue this for mobile.
and burn your UI/UX designer with fire.
simply does not fit

Hi folks, :wave:

Thank you for your feedback thus far.

We don’t really have a UI/UX designer in our team, and I would rather use fire to burn things like wasp, venomous spiders, and other venomous/poisonous species from Australia.

Almost all (if not all) of the UI component you are seeing on our forum are created and distributed by the Discourse team for free, with a few third-party “theme-component” like the Dropdown Header created by the folks at Pavilion (I do think they are affiliated with Discourse in some way).

Having said that, I will report these glitches to them and ask whether they could give us an option to disable the head on mobile as bionel have asked for.

Cheers! :sunglasses: