KS does not apply changes in Test Suite collection which were uploaded from Git

Windows 7, Katalon 5.3.1

Hello Katalon Team,

I’ve got the following issue:
The team is working on the project and commit various changes: addition/deletion of TCs, update of the structure, new test suites and test suites collection, we use Git in out work.

Today i faced the following issue:

  1. username1 created new test cases, forms new test suites and test collection with those suites.
  2. username1 commits and pushes the changes to Git
  3. username2 pulls the changes

Actual result: username2 cannot see the contents of test suite collection. I mean, he can see those tests, those test suites and even the test suite collection. But the collection itself is _almost _blank (see screenshot). Moreover, if i open the test suite collection in project folder, i can see the file is totally ok - it has all the information about the contents of the collection, but still, it is not displayed in the studio.

Expected result: the changes come from Git, and are reflected in the Studio.

I’ve already tried refreshing project, closing the Studio and opening it again, several times. Unfortunately, nothing helps.




There was an issue in the project structure, which was untracked in Git: the path to test suites is wrong, that’s why KS can’t see them. Fixed.

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