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I have attempted this with an Azure Devops repo and a GitHub one to no avail. When I start creating a plan it doesn’t find the test cases that are in the repository. But if I take the same repo and enter it as a zip file upload then it works. Is there a way to make this actually work with git?


I’m sorry, but could you please tell me a little more about your issue? It is not clear to me what the part “doesn’t find the test cases that are in the repository” meant.

What I mean by that statement is that on the Configure a Plan page in the 2nd section where you select type the option to select Test Suite Collection is disabled (See image). If I were to take the repository and download as compressed zip archive and try to create a plan then it works as expected. It “finds” the test cases in the folder and the Test Suite Collection option under type is not disabled.


Sorry for the inconvenience. It is not possible yet for Katalon TestOps to scan Test Suite Collections from a Git repository. However, you can select the type Katalon Command with the command -testSuiteCollectionPath="<Test Suite Collection name>" as in the following screenshot:

We will resolve this limitation soon. Thank you!


I tried to execute plan with git project but getting a git error while cloning the repo from bitbucket. I even tried different versions of Agent but it is failing on the error. Please someone have a look at this.

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Hi @sushant.shinde,

Please ensure that the Git client is installed on your machine and accessible to the Agent.

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Thanks sonpham!, I installed git client and it worked.

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