My device doesn't appear on Katalon

am starting katalon on Mac OS
1- First i downloaded katalon version 5.3.0
2- Xcode 9.2

and already finished all steps on

but in steps number 10 i can’t proceed on it

xcodebuild -project WebDriverAgent.xcodeproj -scheme WebDriverAgentRunner -destination ‘id=’ test

when i run this command there is error appear

error: tool ‘xcodebuild’ requires Xcode, but active developer directory ‘/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools’ is a command line tools instance

Hi @marian_magdy,

It sounds like Xcode might not be installed correctly. Can you try installing either:

Xcode 9.4.1:


Xcode 10.1:

I would also recommend Katalon Studio version 5.10.1:

Once those are installed, can you try to run from the Terminal:

xcode-select -p

You should see something like /Applications/ assuming that you installed Xcode at /Applications/

Hope this helps,