Katalon Sutdio Isuse on Mac


I am interested in purchasing Kataon Studio for Mac, for testing purpose I am currently using the free version but am facing issues in creating and executing the scripts on both physical and virtual devices.

Getting error code 65 “unable to load webdriver agent”.

My Mac configuration is as follows:

OS: Mac OS Mojave
Xcode: 11.3.1
Katalon Studio: latest version


Please rebuild your WebDriver Agent.

Hi duyluong,

I am using iOS Devices. Issue is occurring on iOS Device. can you let me know what step should i perform? . I follow following Instruction. but did not work for me

Hi @dhafeez,

Please let us know what Appium version are you using?

WebDevdriver agent issue is resolved. but when i am going to create a script and use action “Hide Keyboard” in iOS Device Version 13.3.1 is not working.

I am facing many issue when I am going to record mode while using Katalon Studio on IOS Device for MAC Machine. It’s very frustrating

  1.  Keyboard Hide Issue not working on ios devices
  2.  After the record script not working on simulator device.