Move Undo Typing in the context menu

More often than not, when I am working on a test case and I want to ‘Run from Here’, I click the Undo Typing option. This can be annoying, especially the times it removes the past several things I have changed and moves the view to a different spot in the test.

Perhaps moving the cut, copy, and paste buttons to the top of the context menu would work, with the copy button being directly underneath the Run from here button. This would not have an effect other than copying something to clipboard, if anything is selected at all (most of the time there is nothing selected at this time, just the cursor placed somewhere in a test step). It would also put the cut, copy, and paste buttons in an easier to locate area, instead of spread out in different spots in the context menu.

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Hi @jalarie,

Thank you for your idea. Can you please help summarize your FR as:

  • Summary
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