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I am trying to use Katalon(6.2.0) for mobile testing by following all mentioned instructions.
I am using ,
Device - Redmi Note 7 Pro .
Appium 1.13.0
android 9.x
with android sdk

my device is connected with PC
Also , My mobile is in developer mode.
I have enabled USB Dubugging , Install via USB and USB Debugging(Security setting) under developer option of phone
My Phone - USB connected to transfer files (Not on charging mode / Photo transfer i.e. PTP)

Even I checked adb devices command through command line under platform tools folder under android sdk. But List showing an empty set.

Still facing the issue -

  1. My device is not listed under Mobile recorder ->Configurations -> Device name
    2.My device is not listed under Android devices.

The earliest response in this regard would be highly appreciated!


Hi @poorva.kulkarni19,

This also happened to me, and resolved it by just updating to a later java version (jdk-12.0.2).