Katalon not able to find my local connected mobile device and katalon device

i have connected my local device with laptop.
i am able to detect it via ADB DEVICES command but katalon not detecting my connected.
i have installed latest version of node and appium on my machine and set all paths correctly.
i am using latest version of katalon.
please guide me to resolve this issue

Looks like strong community in here

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Hi @sbuchovskyi,

Are you having a similar problem accessing real devices in Katalon Studio? If so, could you please let us know your version of Katalon Studio, Appium, Node, and Android SDK?



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Hi am shiva krishna…
Katalon studio - latest version
SDK - 2.2.3
Appium - 1.8.0
node - v8

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Hi @shivag418,

Are you also having problems with the devices not showing? Are you having problems with simulator or a real device?

Can you tell me if you’re trying to access an Android or iOS device?

Appium 1.8.0 is a pretty old version, can you try upgrading to version 1.16.0 using the command:

npm install -g appium@1.16.0

You might need to update your Katalon settings for the appium location after doing that.

– Chris

hello chris @Chris_Trevarthen ,
i have same problem with this
i’m use appium v 1.18 and use code DeviceInfo deviceInfo = new DeviceInfoImpl(DeviceType.ALL); to get device info, but error “Cannot run program “adb”: error=2, No such file or directory, null”, can you help me for this problem?
Thank you