Katalon not able to find my local connected mobile device and katalon device

i have connected my local device with laptop.
i am able to detect it via ADB DEVICES command but katalon not detecting my connected.
i have installed latest version of node and appium on my machine and set all paths correctly.
i am using latest version of katalon.
please guide me to resolve this issue

Looks like strong community in here

Hi @sbuchovskyi,

Are you having a similar problem accessing real devices in Katalon Studio? If so, could you please let us know your version of Katalon Studio, Appium, Node, and Android SDK?



Hi am shiva krishna…
Katalon studio - latest version
SDK - 2.2.3
Appium - 1.8.0
node - v8

Hi @shivag418,

Are you also having problems with the devices not showing? Are you having problems with simulator or a real device?

Can you tell me if you’re trying to access an Android or iOS device?

Appium 1.8.0 is a pretty old version, can you try upgrading to version 1.16.0 using the command:

npm install -g appium@1.16.0

You might need to update your Katalon settings for the appium location after doing that.

– Chris

hello chris @Chris_Trevarthen ,
i have same problem with this
i’m use appium v 1.18 and use code DeviceInfo deviceInfo = new DeviceInfoImpl(DeviceType.ALL); to get device info, but error “Cannot run program “adb”: error=2, No such file or directory, null”, can you help me for this problem?
Thank you