Device name is not coming.How to select device for testing

I tried alot but device name is not coming.I added hidden files also.I am using samsung core 2 for testing,but while selecting,device name is not coming in drop down.

So it’s not the issue with Katalon Studio. It’s the issue with adb command itself. Which device you are using? Can you follow some instructions from this page?

Please help me in this…i have followed all the instructions.

No…it is not coming.I tried

Have you followed this guide? . Please try the following steps to see if your device is listed here:

  1. On terminal, navigate to platform-tools in \configuration\resources\tools\android_sdk\platform-tools

  2. Type in "adb devices" and observe devices listed there.

I am trying to use Katalon(6.2.0) for mobile testing by following all mentioned instructions.
I am using ,
Device - Redmi Note 7 Pro .
Appium 1.13.0
android 9.x
with android sdk

my device is connected with PC
Also , My mobile is in developer mode.
I have enabled USB Dubugging , Install via USB and USB Debugging(Security setting) under developer option of phone
My Phone - USB connected to transfer files (Not on charging mode / Photo transfer i.e. PTP)

Even I checked adb devices command through command line under platform tools folder under android sdk. But List showing an empty set.

Still facing the issue -

  1. My device is not listed under Mobile recorder ->Configurations -> Device name
    2.My device is not listed under Android devices.

The earliest response in this regard would be highly appreciated!