Missing "Visible" attribute on Mobile Recorder and Object Spy

Is there a reason why Katalon Studio does not capture the “Visible” attribute that is exposed by Appium? I use the verifyElementVisible function often but can’t see the actual Visible status until I launch the Appium Inspector application. If not then this should probably be a feature request to capture the Visible attribute on mobile object spy and mobile recorder.

I recently ran into an issue where appium was giving a visibility status of false all the time, even when the object was visible on the screen for iOS 15 devices. I thought I had a bug in my automation scripts but couldn’t figure out what was going on until I left Katalon Studio and started looking at the app with Appium Inspector.

Hi @kreno ,

Can you give an example of the hidden attribute? And it would be better if you share an app that we can reproduce the issue.