How to verifyElementVisible on ios mobile testing with KSE 9.1.0 and Appium 2

Hi there! I’m trying create mobile test case. In the recording section, I’m using physical device (iPhone XR iOS 16.1), KSE 9.1.0 and Appium 2.2.3. Capturing the object goes fine, but I can’t set any Texts to my field or tap the button.

So, I tried to use verifyElementVisible and verifyElementExist. The result was :

How can I make the element visible? Is there any solution?

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Thank you for letting us know your issue. I found this doc: Element not visible exception | Katalon Docs. Please try

Hi, @Elly_Tran
Thank your for responding on my issue. I think your suggested topic is related to WebUI keyword. In Mobile Keyword there is no such waitForElementVisible keyword suggestion. So, I tried waitForElementPresent but still I can’t interact with the element. Or should I use SwitchToWebView keyword?