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The Test Data option looks great. But how do I use it to get data into my web form ?

Most online database systems have an import option from CSV.

The database I am using has this option and I want to Automate the process of getting the data out of my system manipulate it in Excel, and then put it back into the online database system.

It would be great to use this product to do it. But the steps are disjointed from one another.
IE you have the option to upload a CSV file to your database. But I need to use my import facility to get access to the CSV file.

That is the issue, thanks for listening.


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Team, unlike we add multiple rows and columns in internal test data, is it possible to store multiple database queries in Database test object? Something similar to hibernate? Please advise.

One more suggestion is to have test data in key value pair or store it as variables. Global variables are okay but sometimes we have content which is common for all environment profiles. We cannot replicate same variables for all profiles and there are chances to get missed.
There should be something like common test data file which all test cases and keywords can access.

I want to use global database connection in custom keyword, so how can I call it ?

I had the same need. One workaround I used, that works fine is I created a internal DB called SharedVariables that only has 2 columns ( like a key,value pair) first one is the variableName (key) and the second one is the value. I added in all the common items for all environments. Then in the profile for that environment, for those Global Variables that are in the SharedVariables db I reference the SharedVariable DB associated rows. In the Script View for the Profile, after I setup all the ones I had that were shared, I then copied that XML for those Shared Variables to other environment profiles that needed them.

Downside is I just have to remember when I create new SharedVariable in the DB and reference in a profile, need to remember to copy it to any of the other Environment profiles as well so they will have it. However, if any of those SharedVariables change I only have to change it in one place the SharedVariable internal DB.

Ideally, figure out all of your known variables that are the same across all environments ahead of time, setup the references in the default profile and then make a copy of that one for any other environment profiles.

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That last link isn’t working I am seeing this

Thanks Monica, but this still does not solve the database query storage issue.

Can we execute a stored procedure in the query to fetch TestData, asking as when i try using stored procedure it is throwing unable to identify table error or it tells paramters not given though it was it was provided
Attached is the screenshot,

Where as the same query can run successfully with DBMS keywords plugin

Create excel section, item 4, the link for: “data for Test Execution” is bronken (actual link

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Any update to run the Store Procedure by passing the parameters in Katalon?

Sorry arun.s.
I cannot check that anymore as they moved this free feature into Enterprise edition which is paid , few weeks back.
Yes its annoying that all features promised as free are moved to paid.
I now use the DBMS keyword plugin for my function which works fine.

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Hi, I am wondering what’s difference between internal data with excel data. What’s the pros and cons of internal data? I was trying to make decision which one should I use but I could not find much information about internal data except Katalon Doc. Most online tutorials, blogs or posts are using excel data instead. Could internal data fully replace excel data option?

Hello Folks,

I wand to some read and write operation for that i want to place my excel file in katalon project itself instead of placing in my local system but i not able find the exact place. where should i store my excel file can any one tell please


I used the Data file to verify my table headers which i stored in a xlsx file using relative path

and in my script i used the below to the value
def Exceldata = TestDataFactory.findTestData(“Well List/Well Status Columns”)

def HeaderExcel = Exceldata.getValue(1, i)

when i run on KSE that all run fine, when i run the same script using KRE from Devops, am getting an error as File is unsupported

I made sure the xlsx the script referring to is in project data file folder

can someone help me

Hi,By using data-driven I want to pick the date from my CSV file while picking am getting invalid formate how can I handle it could you please help me.


try using


could you please declare clearly,i need to implement in the WebUi

can you update the code how you picking the date from CSV and verifying for Format