How to dynamically update (force read) Excel test data in a testing loop

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I have an excel file that gets updated every 30 minutes with new data. I have added the ecel file as a test data source and it works fine for the testing we are doing, however when the excel file gets read into Katalon, the data is cached within the application. As the test data is meant to dynamic, how do I force Katalon to refresh the test data it sees?

I am running Katalon using a while loop to stress test the system, so I will need to force the refresh of the test data on each iteration of the loop. How do we do this?

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Good question. Shame I don’t know the answer :wink:

Take a look at the TD API.

Also try these videos:

Hello. Do you found a solution?

Caching appears to be done at the test suite level. If a test case updates XLSX and a second test case wants to read that update, you must put the second test case in a different test suite.