Make Katalon Recorder work in all active tabs

Thanks for this great extension it saves me a lot of time to execute some missions.
I have a question is there any possibility to run the extension at the same time on all the active tabs instead of finish the task on the 1 window then i go manually to the next window then i run the extension again

You can enable Katalon extension to show in incognito mode then open new incognito window and from there open Katalon and run diffrent tests. You can also add Katalon to Opera and FireFox and try to do same trick there so You will have 6 diffrent Katalon on 6 diffrent window at the same time but you need to have powerfull spec to run it.

There is no native solution to run tests on few tabs at one.

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Thanks Piotr for letting me know. so this not possible to run in the same browser at the same time.
is there a solution for ex: if I finished the task in the active tab instead I go manually to the next opened tab I’m I able to do that automatically with Katalon extension?

If you want to keep page after part of tests just open new tab from Katalon command and switch to it. Then just go with another tests. So it’s like:
run testsuite1
run testcase wich open new tab
run some other testsuite2
If you put opening tab in separate testcase You can then load it as many times as you want in Katalon. Just remember to check order of all testsuite after loading them.