How to open a new tab in Katalon recorder

Can someone please help with keyword or how to open a new tab using the Katalon recorder.


Hi there Hemanth,

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I am going to tag our Katalon Recoder aficionado @guy.mason here whom I believe will be able to help you :+1:


Just curious what version of “Katalon Recorder” are you using?

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Hi @grylion54 - I am using 5.9.0 ver, thanks

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please try:

open |
pause | 2000
runScript |“”)

google will be open in a new tab


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To my knowledge, it’s not directly possible with Katalon Recorder (nor was it possible with Selenium IDE, from which it was based).

Due to Chrome’s sandboxing / browser security settings, the browser limits certain operations from being directly executed by browser extensions, which includes the ability to open up new tabs via JavaScript (or use command keys, which would be a ‘workaround’ otherwise, if it had been possible).

The closest workaround you can do, which at least doesn’t mean it performs the steps in the current tab is to open a new window.

You can do this pretty easily with the following script:

Hopefully this still is of some use, even if its not what you had been hoping for.

FWIW from what i’ve looked into it, even the more ‘powerful’ Katalon Studio makes achieving this more convoluted, even if it does allow it, so even there it’s not as neat or as simple as you might expect.

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